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No orders after vaction mode

Hi Guys I’m Providing Graphic Designing Services on Fiverr !

Recently i went to Saudi Arabia for a vacation after come back to my place, My business card gig’s impression always 22K, its down to 22K to 1.7K & other gig’s impression also very down I’m level 2 seller and it ridiculous !

How can i get back my account to old level and see some sales ?

Experienced guys give me some advice ?

Waiting for a Expert Advice !

The last time I used vacation mode it took months for my sales to get even halfway back to normal. I never again appeared in my original search position though I tried promoting heavily. I’ve seen some users say similar things and others say VM had no negative effect so I don’t know what else to tell you. Good luck.

thanks for the reply “fonthaunt” i don’t know whether it will workout after 1 month lets see what is going to happen !

Hello there,
I also used the vacation mode for a really long time (for a few months at least) but I didn’t experienced any lack of orders. My first order was a returning customer and since than I get orders daily. But I also promote my gigs on Buyer Requests section a lot. Sending offers to people, most of them order at some point.

You can try that too.

I see this problem on the forum a lot, but personally it has not happened to me yet,
even after going on vacation mode for 2 weeks or so.
I just assume that orders comes in waves, you have the flood and the dry period,
and right now you are maybe entering the dry period and it just happens to be around
the time when you came back from your vacation.
It seems like you are an already successful seller, I’m sure your next flood will come again
soon. :slight_smile:

zeus777 thanks but no lucks till today - lets see what will happen !

I use vacation mode to take a day off of Fiverr work every week. I usually go on vacation every Saturday evening and come back from vacation on Sunday evening so I don’t have to work again until Monday. I’ve been doing this for a few weeks, and I haven’t suffered any drop in position. Truth told, my position has improved and sales have actually gone up, which is a pleasant surprise. I know that pausing your gig (instead of going on vacation) often has a negative impact on ranking, so if you go on vacation mode for one day, be DEAD SURE to come back from vacation within 24 hours from when you set it. Why? If it gets to 24 hours and 1 minute past the time, Fiverr takes you OUT of vacation mode and simply pauses your gigs. I happen to think that’s a bunch of crap, but that’s what they do, so be punctual about coming back from your time off. Or, set it for a day longer than you’ll actually be away so you won’t risk running late.

Uh… you are aware that the ONLY people who see things posted to the “Buyer Request” section are other sellers, right? I mean, if you’re posting ads for your services in a place intended for BUYERS to contact SELLERS and you’re getting sales, then keep up with it. But speaking for myself, I get supremely irritated by sellers who spam their gigs to a place intended for me to browse for buyers who want my services.

True that. I have gone through the same experience. My gig used to rank on the first page and after a 2 week vacation mode, it dropped in the rankings and never picked up. From a couple of orders per day to one order in a couple of months.