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No orders almost 2 months

Hey people no order on fiverr after almost two month. I apply for orders on buyers request, i promote myself dail and still nothing…
Am worried

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You should be and i am also in same position and worried also i always try to work better change many thing what fiverr need but still same if any body having suggestions please help
my gig

Same issue here. I also professional designer. But No order till now.

im also facing this problem

Same Position! Don’ t worry for that this time you can developed your professional skill. I hope to be better for everybody-:slight_smile:

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Just do these 5 steps daily for a new order.

1). Check Buyer Requests
2). Always working(improve) on your gigs
3). Be consistent and online
4). Keep advertising your gig in social media and other platforms

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Ohh bad luck for you

dont worry be a patience…

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