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No orders and gig traffic for a while now

Good afternoon guys. I’ve had a problem for about a month that is literally destroying me. In practice, I use Fiverr as my main job, not as a hobby and it’s been some time since my gigs received very little traffic (and consequently I receive very few orders), even if I’m a level 1 vendor, with the current requirements for level 2. I would like to point out that I regularly promote my gigs through social media, I use the section “Buyer requests”, but this lately does not help me and it seems that I can not return to the volume of orders that I had until two months ago. I’ve also noticed that very often the system sees me as offline when I’m fully online. Could this affect my orders? I have already cleared my browser cache and updated the iOS app. Any suggestions?

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Same here. now a days evey one facing same issues

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Maybe Fiverr has changed visibility algorithm and we have to adapt to this news