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No orders and no clicks on my gig

Hi everyone,
first of all I have to say… I’m not new to fiverr. this account also old and before this account I had several accounts. One account has very successful and but with my studies some mistakes done and that account also dead. Now i want to start work on the fiverr but no any orders to my gig. can anyone help me to success my gig. thank you.


sounds like you’re new. no offence. anyway just stay active. improve your gig. making it unique and also add video then share them on social media. and send offers in buyer request. i hope you get a order soon.


thank you very much for your opinion friend.

  1. send every day 10 buyer request with the proper description of your service.
  2. Active up to 15 hours on Fiverr if you can then active 24 hours. you can active 24 hours by Fiverr mobile Apps.
  3. Share Your gig in social media.
  4. Update your gig once or twice in every month if you do not get an order.
  5. Active also Fiverr Forum.

Happy Fiverr :heart_eyes:

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thank you very much for your opinion friend. Ill do my best.

Keep your self well motivated. Gives some bonus offers and then see the result. Hope so, it’ll be work well.

thank you very much for your opinion friend. Ill do my best.

Not mention bro… its our moral duty to guide anybody

Send Offer from buyer request and improve your gig and write discription attractive then you will get order