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No orders and no impressions

Hi guys! I was out of office for a while about two weeks and since that I didn’t get any orders. I used to have many orders per day and now nothing. The impressions of my gig is quasi stopped with no reason. I sent a message to fiverr support and every time they tell me the same thing that my gig is active and I know is active but the problem that I am seller1 and my gig appears in the last page of the search however there are sellers with no rating and their gig is in the first page. Is that fair?? What I suppose to do in this case? anybody experienced that please :fearful:


I have a level 2 seller account with the same issue, I was active but I just observed some usual reduction of my impression and click on the 5th of January and since then nothing has changed I contacted the support many times they told me the same thing they told you.
I have not been able to make a single sales since then, now my impression is on 300
This is unfair and I think Fiverr should look into that angle.
It’s just like bad thing happening to Good people, cause most of those with similar issue never violate any rule the system just demoted their gigs


I wish someone can help us. This is really frustrating!!


Same problem also with me.

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