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No Orders anymore!

Fiverr had changed changed my life a couple of months back. I was really confident that I could do this full time. I had started to make enough money to quit my job. I was getting orders pretty much every single day. Just when I quit my job now I am not getting any orders at all. I don’t understand what is happening at all. I feel my life is gonna get ruined for this. Any advice? :frowning:


share your gig in social media sites, Try buyer req. Start a Unique gig

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I am sorry to hear. Freelancing is always a risky thing. This is why you should never rely on a single site. Your dreams can be shattered from one day to the next.
I would suggest to update and improve your gigs. Maybe add a few more gigs. Also go through Buyer Requests daily, have a look around and explore other options. Best of luck!


You should never quit your full time job for Fiverr. Always a risk of losing your account or not getting orders.
Try to get it back if you can, or find a new one. Not a good thing to do.

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Think of adding more gigs to your portfolio anything you’re good besides the things you have listed. I know this sounds boring to say but advertise anywhere that you might have a chance. Promote your gigs in a way they won’t notice. It sucks to be in that position like myself in a different way, do everything you can and keep it up because its only temporary!


thanks man. a little motivation helps to push myself a little more.

This also happened to me, but eventually I started getting gigs again. Like the people said above, it’s just a gamble. You have your up days, then you have your down days.

Sorry to hear that. I hope you get your job back and get a lot of sales on Fiverr.

I noticed that your Fiverr signup date is May 2016, and a couple of months back would be November 2016. You made ~54 sales in 5 months and you thought it is a good time to quit your job?

Anyway, all hope is not lost. Dust yourself up and hustle. Good luck!

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@cartoonism The same choice I made, not really quitting my job, but not getting one and only relying on Fiverr.

I must say that there are many times when there’s no order at all, and then in a week, I wake up to 2-5 messages in my inbox.

Never give up, if you feel like this is for you. Try always changing something to your gigs, as it brings more views. Even promoting them on social media, it increases your views & clicks, which means more people will see it, moving up in rankings.

Also, try changing your delivery time to 24h to all gigs, just until you make some sales, and then go into normality again. The more advantageous and attractive it seems for buyers, the more interested they’ll be in ordering your gigs.

Hope it all works out :slight_smile:

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You can use it to your advantage. The benefit you get from Fiverr is not just about the revenue. If you are able to sell your experience on Fiverr to potential employers as an asset, you can get brownie points over an interviewee who does not have that experience.

Just take a screenshot of your “world domination” chart and add it to your CV and tell the employer that you have freelancing experience, working with people across continents and cultures.

@silkroute It also depends on how large those sales were, and also, how many sales he had unrated. :slight_smile:

There are sellers who have more than half of their sales marked as complete automatically, which means they don’t appear in the reviews. :blush:

And, just because he signed up on Fiverr many months ago, doesn’t mean that’s when he started selling. When I first made my account I completely forgot about it until a couple of months later, when I got an email that I have my first order. :smile:

@silkroute I will probably use it when I would want to get a job. At the moment, I am happy with my Fiverr journey :blush:

@cartoonism I can understand how frustrating it is. Don’t worry be patient & Never Ever Give Up! :muscle:

Also I noticed that many people on fiverr also commented about “sales dropping” time to tilme and for your reference I’m posting 2 threads here.

Even I have gone through several sales dropped periods but it’s temporarily. During that period all my gig impressions, clicks, views went down. But I received some orders from my old buyers but nothing from a new buyer. After 2-3 weeks time again I received inquiries & orders from new potential buyers. Time to time you will experience a sales drop but it’s not permanent.

However, you can use this time to improve your gig, make it more attractive for buyers. Search around on fiverr forum you can grab some great Tips shared by Top Rated Sellers & other successful sellers, on How to improve your Gig. Learn something new that you can offer in your gig.

Nevertheless, better to build up a good customer base on fiverr by PROVIDING EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE. If you satisfy your customer, there is a high chance that they will become your REPEATED BUYERS & I’m sure they will recommend you for their colleagues & friends which will leads you to get more orders > more work > more Income. :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Stay Positive, Work Hard & Make it Happen! :+1:

There’s the new promoted gigs coming to some, if not all categories. People have reported that it boosted sales very nicely! So you should look forward to that. Some categories already have it, so who knows if you can put it to use straight away!

Some other things you may want to consider to get more sales:

  • Add a link to your gigs on your Fiverr Forum profile (I’ve seen a lot of sales from people from this forum)
  • Promote your gig everywhere! FB ads and google ads are expensive, but many have seen success using them. Fiverr also offers the get traffic category which may bring instant sales, but only if the traffic is real and niche targeted. Keep in mind that many gigs don’t allow Fiverr gigs to be promoted.
  • Create a blog that promotes your gigs and links back to your Fiverr profile. Do SEO and other marketing for this blog until it becomes very popular in search engines. You can also create a nice Fiverr badge from your profile that you can show in your blog, which leads directly to your gigs.
  • Overdeliver your next few orders more than you normally would and spend more time on them, so the buyers get happier than they expected and will usually praise your gig in their review.
  • Be even happier than normally when talking with a buyer and take all their needs into consideration, so that they get more excited and will more likely purchase the service.

Good luck! :slight_smile: