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No orders as a new user for weeks now

i havnt gotten a singe order for weeks now, no single order shows in the buyers request page either. i dont understand it

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You can’t just get an order straight ahead. It takes months for many Sellers to get an order.
The Gig services you are offering, there are thousands of Sellers to compete with.

I also noticed that your Gig thumbnails/videos are not original and not made by you. It is against of ToS to use someone else’s work.

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oh, i needed to creat my own videos and thumbnails? wow, that’s some work. I dont even know how to do that

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Yes. It is work, but it is against TOS to use other people’s work and portray it as your own to advertise your gig. What do your gigs offer? I hope you create original content for the orders you will get in the future?

Theres no such thing as a free lunch.


I never said those pictures were mine,its pretty obvious, i just used them to portray what i offer. well, how do i create my own pictures

You can’t use them to portray what you offer. They need to be original or you need to be able to prove you have the commercial rights to use them. You can either pay someone to create images for you along with the commercial rights or create your own.

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Having checked out your profile I would suggest you take the Fiverr English test. It will help prove you have writing and English skills. This will show potential buyers you are able to do what you say you can do.

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wolfhowler, it just occurred to this isn’t going to be easy. i’ll get on it right away. you’ve been more than helpful

How much time you spent on creating each of gigs? 5 minutes?

When I enter your proofreading gig Fiverr recommends me other proofreading gig with a lot of samples, 3000 - 5 star reviews and same price.

Now how can you compete with that? There’s just no way you can make any sale here

took the test a week ago. scored 39. not good enough?

Nope, you are asking for people’s money, there is a huge amount of competition on here. You need to do whatever you can (within the TOS) to be better than the others in your category.

39 out of the 40 question isnt good enough

Not true, gigs are rotated and the buyer request feature allows new sellers to not only have access to buyers but also a chance to get those first few reviews and have more examples of their work. It’s not impossible and I don’t think it’s right to suggest it is.

never give up fellow

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In addition to what @wolfhowler is advising:

Suggest you check out : for how to start selling on Fiverr.

Also read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules as to how Fiverr works and the consequences if you break them.


Currently it isn’t visible on your profile, you should check it is visible and if not take the other English test (there are two and Fiverr were phasing out one of them).

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I mean yeah maybe it’s possible she will have few sales in a year, but with this setup there is no way for a good business.

I would recommend to research market a lot, work at samples and just make yourself competitive in some way


same too
You can change your gig title and tag

Keep Updating Your Gig also feel relax its take time try to create 7 Gig Then stay online time to time check buyers request your issue will resolved. Wish You Good Luck

it is not as easy as you think, keep trying