No orders at all


Hello, how are you? I hope good. I am not new in Fiverr and had a lot of views and some interesting clicks numbers in my mastering service gig. I am focused now in mixing, but I also master, but my mixing gig has few views/clicks. The problem is that I never had an order, it’s possible my account has a problem? Perhaps messages aren’t arriving or something? It’s impossible, my picture of my session is good (for me is professional to put a session of mixing), my information is clear, I am a mixing engineer with 3 years of experience. But no orders at all. What do you think?


Hi there,
I have checked your gig and found the following.

  1. You need to provide a better thumbnail picture
  2. The step in your prices are huge! $5, $60 and $240?
  3. 5 days are so long for buyers.

In general, do a search on fiverr about other buyers who provide the same service as you and see how much do they charge? How fast can they deliver?
And try to beat that!



  1. It’s true, but for now it’s the best I have;
  2. About the price, I was affraid to not be hired because so many people are charging $5 and with a lot of reviews, so I started this campaign to do one song for $5 (basic, for one song) and after that I would charge the normal price ($60). If the person wants 5 songs to be mixed, I give 10% off;
  3. It’s the maximum deadline, but I never work for 5 days, it’s for not frustrate anyone, but I think that 3 days should be ok.


because of very high volume gigs in the search. every seller are creating many gig for the same category. which is main problem :slight_smile:


It’s a sellers goal to properly display their gig.

That includes creating relevant thumbnails that’ll encourage potential buyers to click.
It also means having a clear gig description explaining what you offer.

To help drive sales, I strongly encourage the use of the buyer request section. It’s a valuable tool for those who aren’t having sales.

Best of luck!


If I have one or more reviews my position in the search will be better?


Reviews can help your search position. One might not, but ten probably would. It’s a bit of a guess since Fiverr doesn’t reveal those things, but I usually see reviewed gigs up higher. I don’t even see a $5 option on your account and I see $60 minimum with no proof of experience on Fiverr.

It might be possible to get orders with those conditions but I buy a lot of gigs and I would never risk $60 on an unproven Fiverr seller. I’m not trying to be rude, just honest. You might have better luck with a $10 or even a $20 opening gig but if it doesn’t work, you might have to work for nearly free temporarily to get some reviews. Most of us did that when we started.


I was offering one basic plan for $5 for one song, but I give up this idea, because I know my potential, I am here to work, not for beg some bucks.


Hello, and welcome!

You will not get orders with a starting price of $60 and no reviews, as others have said. You need to start out at $5 for a while and then raise your prices after you get some good reviews. Wishing you the best…!


Reviews from people that I worked in projects, but not in fiverr counts? I really need to work with mixing.


Not sure what you said exactly but I worked at $5 for a very long time before I raised my prices. This is because you have lots of competition.


But $5 doesn’t seen to be unprofessional and so, people won’t hire you because of the price? I charge $60 because converting to reais + fees = ± R$200,00, a good price for mixing in my opinion. Ah! About the reviews, I didn’t work in fiverr yet, but did some great services, if my previous clients register in fiverr and review me it’s valid?


I’m just saying that why would someone see your gig and spend so much when they have no reason to know if you are good or not, and there are so many others who are cheaper and also very good? It will not happen, you will not get sales this way.

You need reviews before people will spend that much.


Ok, but the reviews can be from people I worked outside fiverr? And… I offer revisions (two), if they don’t like, they don’t pay. Not being rude ok? You look to be a great person, thanks for the tips. $5 for now isn’t unprofessional? In your opinion it doesn’t mean I am not professional, right?


If you do not want to take suggestions it is your choice. Good luck and hope you get some sales.


I want to have opinions about this misscrystal, sorry if I looked rude, really sorry. So $5 doesn’t mean I am not professional, is it? And about the review, I can have 1 or 2 from people outside of fiverr, it’s possible for them to post reviews and the reviews will be valid?


If they buy your gig yes they can leave reviews. They have to buy it to leave a review. Buy it on fiverr.


Ah ok, thanks. About the price, I accept to do for $5 the mixing service for building portfolio, but how can I delete the another two packages (Standard and Premium)?


Just lower the prices in them. MUCH lower! I’ve been here over five years and would not charge as much as those.