No orders because i'm new?


why ppl don’t trust new sellers? :cry:


It must be because they haven’t been tested and shown worthy to be trusted by others (via reviews).


well…haveto do more effort by promoting my gigs any advice?


Yap. Sure thing.

Am having similar props as yours. I do Spanish-English translation (and vice versa), and Music Engineering. Buyers don’t usually order probably because am new, and don’t have reviews even though am really a lord in those Gigs.


yeah hope we find a solution tnx for your replies :pray:


Because no one really wants to risk their time and money on a newbie. Don’t worry, over time you will grow reviews and will get more customers.


Its very hard for you to get orders if you are new. I got my first job after two months of joining fiverr. You have to try buyer requests to get an order when you get a few orders and complete them with good reviews then buyers will contact you themselves. So don’t worry and keep trying by sending custom offers through buyer’s request page


Create Eye Caching gigs!!


Every new seller facing the same issue…
I am active in fiverr for almost 4 months now and steadily I got queries…and then I made my first sell !
But I believe with sharing your gig feature, a seller can gain more attention and increase sells.
But of-curse at the end it your work or service will speak for you.


Because they are already trusting old sellers


Maybe you should try and look out in the Buyer request? I was promoting my gigs through there and landed my first gig! :slight_smile: I’m around 3 weeks old in Fiverr, so trust me, perseverance in buyer request and you will land yourself a new gig.


Thank you. Wish people would make use of them.


trust is earned not given.

You have whatever gigs you have, so do 100 other people. Why are you any different? Get experience.


thank you for your replies i will do my best