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No orders but gig is ranking?

hello there hope you are doing well.

pls help me solve this problem, mine gig is ranking on page one in 3rd rank on keyword animated video for marketing but i am not getting orders…

pls help…

Thnks in advance.


If is it ranking please Don’t edit this gig. If you not geeting order is a month. So you can edit on thumbnai. Maybe you can’t influence your clients to Click your gig. So you can do it.

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but i got two orders before 7 days.

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So Don’t edit. In covic-19 problem all are face this issu. So you can wait and share Your gig on socia.

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can you check out whats the problem
pls search keyword animated video for marketing you will see a gig in first line with gourav1207.

if you see the gig pls suppose you as a seller and tell me the problem

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if it is able to convince you or not

pls once open the gig and tell me does it convince you?

You say in this keyword ( animated video for marketing) your gig is first page first line.

But it is a very long keyword. Clients not search as like same. They “searching animated” video so please try to rank main keyword .

Change your thumbnail… See other and get idea.

Thank you

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