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No orders,but impressions are more than 1K

I’m sending 10 BRs per day.Shared my gig more than 3 Million social members.Clicks and views are increasing. But no orders. What should I do ? Can anyone help me please? :disappointed_relieved:


It sounds like you’re not marketing your gig(s) effectively. You need to figure out WHO your target customers are, research WHERE they are located, and then go tell them about your services (via ads, blog posts, forum participations, etc). A successful gig requires constant work, and that includes effective marketing. Don’t expect Fiverr to bring you all of your customers. You have the ability to go out and find your customers as well.

NOTE: I am also fairly certain that you are not directly connected to 3 million social contacts.


Hello sir,

Fiverr people are live on their Facebook page and they are giving good tips for sellers. Check out now!

They are also going to answer questions in comments at end of live stream so you might want to check out.



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Actually I don’t have any blog sites .What should I do?

  1. May be your gig profile doesnt seems to be more attractive
  2. Have a attractive gig photo
  3. Try to use Buyer requests in fiverr , if you dont have blogs or websites

Anyway it will take some months to get your orders, please have patience

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Can you check my gigs and tell me about my gigs?

Check the Buyer Requests its very helpful for anyone!

Yeah provide me the link

You can always create one if you choose to pursue blogging as part of your marketing and promotional work.