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No Orders :( Can someone give me help tips?!

****This is my first topic.

Today is the 18 day. still no orders. I created 7 gigs about logo design, making caricatures, business cards. Still no conversation or an order. Low views. Can someone help me? how long will it take? I’m so confused **

Hi virajithlankesh,

I get asked this a lot.

You need to persevere and know that even 18 days is an extremely short amount of time to be selling on Fiverr. From what I can remember, it took me just under two weeks but this is not the most important part.

What is important, here, is that you keep a positive attitude and look only to yourself to get ahead on Fiverr.

I would recommend that you share your gig with family and friends - I am sure one of them could use your gig for something. When you have some reviews, people will feel more comfortable placing an order with you.

Honestly, this is all about time, patience and work. My last piece of advice is not to look to other people/sellers for help and to focus on impressing your customers when they come. Show them that you care, go the extra mile, provide exceptional customer service and forget about the money - that will come later.

Best of luck


@deadlycontent1 thank you so much.

Hi @virajithlankesh,

It can take a while to get your first order; I remember it took almost a couple of months for me.

I like your caricature gig and saw that you have 3 of the same type.

Here’s what I would do if I were you:

  1. Keep only one caricature gig. This way you eventually get all the reviews in one gig.
  2. Modify the gig description by replacing the technical terminology (as you’ve already indicated such information in the package descriptions) with some of the more interesting details (for example, What can I do with my cartoon caricature? in your FAQs section. Format the text nicely and use proper English throughout (description, FAQs, profile…).

As @deadlycontent1 said, it’s important to keep a positive attitude and focus on delivering exceptional products and customer service when your customers come and come they will :slight_smile:

All the best!


thank you so much. i will do that changes. thank you!!!



i think title must change. thanks @