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No orders. Do you "promote" yourself or pray to Jesus?

Dear Fiverr citizens,

It has been a long time since I last posted here. Now, I want to use this opportunity to reach out and ask you a question I have had been contemplating upon for quite some time now. I am sure each and one of you experienced their own period when their “orders” section was below 0 for elongated periods.

This brings me to my question. How does someone regain their momentum and adjusts their status quo ante bellum? Does one simply resort to “promoting” oneself or do you pray to Jesus? I would wholeheartedly appreciate it if you could share with me your own ways of recovery.

Over and Out.


I certainly do not pray to Jesus or anyone as a matter of fact.
Reach your target audience, promote your gig, and you will get your sales up and running again.


I just do my other projects if I don’t have any order. To me, It’s like nothing bad happens.


Asking Jesus for orders is against ToS, unless he sends you an inbox message first.
Otherwise he will flag it as spam.


I do live with my Christian faith as my center, but I also am always in a promotion mode. Marketing and promotion never ceases, because I’m always looking for opportunities to share what I do. My ability to devote time to marketing fluctuates, so like @levente_gl I also work on other creative ventures when I don’t have any orders because I haven’t been able to do much promotion.

If you only have one thing that you do and that one thing is on 5R, then it’s easy to be afraid and upset when orders are few and far between.


No I don’t. :woman_mage:


@ammarshrf Interesting insight, I will definitely take your advice into consideration.

@levente_gl Other projects on Fiverr or in real life?

@eoinfinnegan Oh boy… in that case, not only will I get banned from Fiverr, I will most likely be sent to Fiverr prison for committing some heavy crimes, son.

@acdesignstudio That’s the most thorough response I got here so far, Jesus, is that you?

@misscrystal Now you’re an outlaw…


You drive for Lyft. Message me if you want my referral code. LOL

All kidding aside, I would encourage you to take a look at all your gigs, see which ones deserve to stay alive, which ones should be deleted, which gig titles and descriptions need changes, what prices can be lowered or raised, what new gigs you can create, and then find something else to do while you await orders.

I can tell you that diversifying my income was the best thing I could have ever done. Doing Fiverr full-time is very risky.


I’d never pray to Jesus, or anyone else, regarding such things, I’m sure everyone has better things to do than to listen to me going on about having zero orders in queue.

My suggestions are similar to what fastcopywriter said, minus Lyft. A dry spell is a great time to revise your active gigs, go over any you might have in your drafts in an unfinished state or paused (is there a gem in hiding there that you didn’t have the time to finalize while you had enough orders?), or to craft a new gig - challenge yourself, try to come up with something unique … or at least not too common.


That could help. However, I always like to think of prayers as attended to in order of importance. i.e. Maybe, the person living on the street with a winter weather storm front moving in gets their prayer answered first… :thinking:

I did try to click on your profile. However, it seems to be no longer active?

In either case, I would think that Hebrew to English (and vice versa) translations are in high demand. Israel is home to a lot of tech startups. Maybe try creating different translation gigs for different niches.

You could offer Hebrew translations for:

  • Business articles
  • Video scripts
  • Product descriptions
  • Property listings
  • Sales magnets
  • Websites

Those are just a few ideas I can think of off the top of my head.

Basically, diversify what you offer, find a way to market your services, and see what happens. :wink:

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Maybe he needs to pray. :pray:


I can see his profile (putting his username behind “” though, the link from the forum profile here seems dead). I see one gig, English to Hebrew and vice versa. One gig “tier” only also.
Maybe you should indeed diversify a bit, Alexander, and perhaps make use of the 3-tier system for your gig too (basic/standard/premium option). I’d rethink the gig title too, I’m only guessing, but the “grammarly” in there might cost you orders.


If I’m not getting any traction, I tend to look at my gigs, pricing and descriptions to see if they’re catchy enough to warrant a click.

This is good practice to update your gigs if something isn’t working. I have tried mass emailing and sharing with socials, but updating gigs is the best method I’ve found.

Other than that, Jesus come at me bro.

Yea, like if praying to Jesus will force money to immediately fell out of trees and into your pocket. Only if it was so easy. So what, should I pray every time I’m lazy to do work? If I’m lazy to wash the dishes, should I pray for the dishes to get washed by an invisible force?

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