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No orders….even after replying 38 buyer requests


i have sent 38 buyer request but still noone reply me. What should i do? How do i know the real order. Some people even doesn’t clear their profile and no budget is mentioned. what is the solution of this problem? Anyone has opinion about this please?


only 38? I thought it was 380. No one can guaranty that you’ll get an order from Buyer request so keep patience and send buyer request regularly.


These days as per me fiverr is little down I being LEVEL 2 seller also used buyer request when I was not getting orders and I too applied for jobs but hardly even get reply but never lose hope keep working hard.

Also try to recheck what you sent to buyer if you just copy paste and send same buyer request without reading then you should change the method and read the request and only apply to those you think you can do the work of.


If you type “write buyer request” in the search bar above there are several posts on how to write an effective reply which you may find helpful.


Hi,i had send out near about 295 BR,without getting a single order through it.but still till today I have completed 200 orders.thing is that don’t just depends only on some marketing for yours gigs or profiles.


I only say eone thing Try try till you desn’t get any order have patience and jep trying never lose hope have fun… :slight_smile:
All the best @jan_123


It’s not about the quantity, but the quality of your offers.