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No orders....even after replying 80 buyer requests

Hi my dear friends,
I have joined fiverr in may .But after replying 60 buyer requests from may , i have not got even 1 single order. please check my gigs and profile and suggest me .


I am not seeing any buyer request. So can you tell me how can get buyer request?

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Now that is a huge concern, what have you been posting in your buyer request, make them better, provide more information, offer some more, take care of healthy pricing. Give them a proof of work or portfolio to start with. Not a single order from 60 buyer requests matter.

Unfortunately, we are not even seeing buyer requests.

However, please check this post.

can anyone send me examples on how to respond buyers request(only send examples like i have send before this message.

Wait, you pasted gazillion requests and want us to write offers for these so you can send them to the clients? :thinking:
Or what is it? Please use some formatting

If your gig is for proofreading, where you check “spelling, grammar, accuracy” I’d make sure the spelling/grammar in the offers and the profile and gig description are as good as possible. eg. the word “I” should really be in upper case.

Also, things like “UNTILL SATISFACTION” are written in quite a few of them - whereas the “untill” should say “until” (one L).

Maybe link to an example translation you did between the languages they specify or show an example translation in the gig (eg. as a .pdf/image). But they probably want manual proofreading & translation, not automatic (using software).

You could change the gig title to make it obvious that the proofreading and translation will be automatic (by software) and maybe charge less for the higher word counts, at least initially.

Also, maybe edit your gig packages. Each of the 3 package decriptions for your “proofread…” gig say “1000 words within a 24 hour” (that sentence could be improved) but the “words included” column says differently on 2 of the packages.