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No orders ever since Fiverr New Layout :(

When the old fiverr was around i made $1000 in less than 6 months on fiverr. I also became a 2nd level top seller. I had companies contacting me to do raps for them.

After the new layout i am lucky to get 1 order every two weeks :frowning:

And when i do get an order i end up having to cancel it because i am now so used to not getting orders that i don’t even check my fiverr :frowning:

The only people ordering from me now on fiverr are my old customers ( Thankfully )

here is my gig

Yep you rite, I have few account already for selling different niche. Normally I get 10 or less order over a week, but after fiverr reinvent user even not noticed gig! Hopefully some keywords matters here :expressionless: Fiverr needs to lunch “GIG SEO BluePrint” :stuck_out_tongue:

yup yup…i feel the same… now the order on my gig is very quiet. i only got the order from the old customer too …i think fiverr have to improve me on the traffic .

I COMPLETELY AGREE!!! It’s like fiverr is making it so that those of use who put fiverr on our backs and hustled to acquire clients can’t do that anymore… This business about you have such and such rating to offer your services or to create a new gig is for the birds!!!

It’s like fiverr has become an elitist club and ONLY CERTAIN people are allowed to prosper on the site… Just because someone is rated doesn’t mean they provide quality products or services. It doesn’t mean their they best at it… it just means that fiverr is picking them to make money on their site over those of us they aren’t… How is this fair competition. I don’t want to point any fingers at anyone or group of people… but it’s like on certain types of people are being allowed to benefit from these recent changes.

Reply to @wehustle365_: Not trying to sound rude or anything, but I think it’d be hard for any member on here to prosper with a 60% rating…

I thought i was alone… but dang fiverr has really messed up…

I have had an increase in orders since new Fiverr, but at the same time I have had an increase in uncooperative or very demanding buyers. Coincidence, possibly?

Try changing around your words in your title to a more simplified title, and perhaps stopping by on a few gigs offering SEO to boost the Page Rank of your particular gig, to help it get indexed better in search engines.

I think it all depends on how the gig is written. If you explain more about your gig and have some searchable keywords then chances are there that you’ll get even more traffic to your other gigs too.

I sent a complaint to Fiverr, about my dislike of the new layout and told them others didn’t approved of the radical changes the reply said they were sorry I felt that way

But I could revert to using to old system, which I did once logged in

But they now DO NOT support messages on the old system, which makes me wonder how long it will be before they close access to the old system altogether

I personally find few things good with new layout.

Top nav bar for instant access is good.

Sidebar that gives quick access to essential is good.

Searching is hard.

Buyer request is hard to notice.

Focus on gigs is not easy like it was in old system.

Sales dropped to almost 70%. But i’m trying to use my blog in promoting my gigs.

I am having the same problem.

First time in 3 years that I am not having orders.

since fiverr changed the layout I am not getting much sales.

I created new gigs and not receive orders yet.

I tried to promote my gigs on pinterest, tumblr, twitter… and nothing help me to get more sales.

Every day I am more dissapointed of fiverr, this website save my life this last 3 years helping me to pay my bills and the food, but now is impossible.

Many people use this website for pay her whims, technology and stuff, but isn’t my case

I just hope one day they changed the system because when I started on this website has not had much trouble.

Also in my opinion the new website is unfriendly and slow…

As a user. I agree with this. Its harder for me to find people. I will search and search for certain gigs and when i put a request up that seller will notice my request. But i will also just randomly find them like a month later aswell.

To be honest, for me nothing has changed. At all.

I’m still in the same spot in search. My gigs are about the same, minus new, regular clients. And I still see gigs placed before mine with: a: Much lower sales. b: Much longer wait times. And c: Lower Feedback scores. But, it was like that before Fiverr switched to version 2.

Like I said. It’s exactly the same. For me.

The new Fiverr is terrible. Nothing about it is an improvement over the old system. Why do website owners feel the need to change something that was already good? A few tweaks to the old system was perhaps all that was needed.

And what goes with all of the goofy remarks you get when you navigate their system now. Things like “Oops…Oh, we are just kidding.” Or, “It’s time for a cold beer…” I mean, that is just plain stupid. Does Fiverr really think that lowly of the buyers and sellers who come here? Perhaps we take the things we do here seriously, and do not want Fiverr’s system to ply us with such utter silliness.

Earth to Fiverr: You have seriously screwed-up with this new version. You should have done your homework better before releasing this piece of garbage called “Version 2.”

I totally agree. I am now struggling since the new site became active. I was actually averaging around $400 per week. That has now been cut in half. Not a good thing when you use this site to help pay bills.

As I read the comments above, I see myself in them.

Its totally unfair, I used to pay and buy many many things working on fiverr but now nothing.

I used to make 400$ for 1-2 weeks but now for one month and more only 3 orders, even if I am level 2 I dont have any benefits my gig to be on better place, where can be easily seen.

In my opinion the older fiverr was much better and easier to work on.

Well, it’s pretty clear now that it’s been happening to a good portion of us. I’ve had at least one order a day, before the update, and now I only get about 1 per week or two weeks, and only from repeating customers. Also, now I can barely even respond to customers and see my gigs with the slow loading time that most of the time leads to Bad Gateway or 404 pages. Well, I don’t know. Maybe it’s a sign for me to move on to something more decent/professional. Fiverr was a great place for me to practice my skills and get the working experience I needed and I’m grateful to this website for that.

I agree with you bro since fiverr new look has come sales has been down before I was making 100$ in a week but now there is not a single order. I think it will take time to get back like it was before.

I agree. The new layout and the buyer requests format change has made the ordering hard and also the sales are reduced as well.