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No orders for 12 hours then 5 orders in 15 minutes is typical-

I’ve been noticing this pattern for a long time where I can go for a long time with no orders, then suddenly get several within a few minutes of each other. Has anyone else seen this pattern? It is like there is a switch flipped on and off to regulate how many orders I get at one time. Does fiverr rotate gigs in the placement in short bursts?

Are my orders changing their ranking for 15 minutes at a time? So far I can’t figure this out.

I noticed this too. It’s very unpredictable. I think we will never be able to figure it out ;).

If you get an answer, please pass it along! I’ve noticed the same thing, and don’t have a reasonable explanation for it. I have a lot of repeat clients and I’m learning how they operate, but that doesn’t explain it.

I agree with others - we may never be able to figure it out! :slight_smile:

I am not getting much orders for now but after reading your post i am hoping that will get orders in bulk after sometime…

I almost get all orders on a day, like 5-6 orders for 100-150 gigs value. I accept them. I keep on getting more queries and I have to say no. After that I do not get any orders for next 10 days, not even a query. So for me rotation period is like 10-12 days but I like it that way. I am a weekender fiverr seller, so it works that way.

Fiverr must push my gigs to the top of the listings for just 15 minutes occasionally.