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No orders for 3 months!


I haven’t got an order since I started working in November. I am a graphic designer and have a quality work sampled in my profile but still there are no orders.
Link to my profile:


And what have you done in the last 3 months to get an order? Just waiting for the orders to come through? That doesn’t always happen for people who is just sitting and waiting.

On the other note:
I attached here a picture from one of your gigs where you are stating that you will create an amazing advertisement for them. However even your own picture with which you are trying to sell your gig is honesty pretty bad. The fonts are old fashioned and kerning is quite bad, that shading is not in fashion anymore. Actually choice of the font and the iPhone image doesn’t even work with each other. I’m not even talking that it’s not attractive picture at all for an advertisement.

For your logo gig you are offering to create any style of the logo but you have only one picture which doesn’t really show your abilities. It’s just a simple 3 letters in the circle. You surely done more work to showcase right?
If not then I would advise to keep studying and come back when you have more experience and more value to bring to your customers.

Good luck


I love to read your comments


thank for tell good advice