No orders for about a month now?


Hey guys… What are your suggestions on reasons why I have not been able to get any order for about a month now? I do use the buyers request everyday but still nothing. And there are not much request there. My profile is:


All about BR:


Oh thanks… I’ll try the promoting part. Actually I was demoted to new seller, I guess that is the reason for mine. Thanks


There are many things to do to improve your gig. You will find many advice on the forum.

You should have a professional image with a clear message to atract the eye of potential buyers when they search a gig (I am not sure that your buyers are looking for beautiful skirt, hat and knees!). You shouldn’t have the same image for all your gigs. Have a look on other gig images to have an idea…


Oh… Thanks. I’ll replace them with professional pictures then.


Have you checked what your competitors offer and how?


I don’t really understand what you mean?


Anyone have ideas of how I can boost my sale… Demoted from level 2, now in new seller. Looking forward to your response guys. Thanks. My profile is:


Why have you been demoted to new seller level ?


Didn’t meet the requirements to stay at my previous level, I mean the delivery rate, response rate and so on.


well, seems like it’s easy, just meet the requirements again, it’s an automatic process! And if Fiverr is important for you, make sure you never miss these again!


Alright… Thanks so much