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No orders for last month

hey i started fiverr on march 2017 for now i completed 8 orders and i have 100% positive ratings.but now i don’t get any orders,i don’t know why.please visit my gigs and tell me if there anything i should change.all samples and dsigns are my own,i have copyrights for them,i never used google images for my gig samples.

Sellers usually have low sales for two reasons:

  1. – They are expecting Fiverr to provide all of their traffic, and are, therefore, not marketing their gigs on their own (which Fiverr actually tells sellers to do). Your customers might not be on Fiverr. If you want them to know about your services, you need to go tell them about what you do. :wink:

  2. – Maybe people aren’t looking for your services.

Sellers are not guaranteed sales or success merely because they have gigs on Fiverr. If you sit around and do nothing, hoping that customers find you by chance, then you’re probably not going to have many customers. Be proactive. Get up, get busy, and reach out to your customers.

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thanks for your advice

Always check your placement in the search, using the main keyword to reach your gig.

Many times you can go to the top because the rotation on the search. This is when most of sales comes. I’m testing these results about 6 months. When my gig is found on top of the searches I get a lot more sales, when it’s not on top my sales hugely drop.

And to get on the top of the searches, it’s not just about doing good deliveries, it’s about a bit of luck too

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yeah sure i will try that thank you