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No orders for long time, any suggestion?

For long time didn’t get any order and no buyer’s requests.


Market and promote your gig to the target customers who need your services. YOU are going to have to reach out to your customers if you want more sales. YOU are responsible for your own success, so get out there and connect to your market.


Thank You Jonbass.

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in addition, you might wanna revisit your gig, and maybe do some retouchings on it.
i wish you all the best. brother.


I was suffering with this problem , but I got a sell of GIG

I want to suggest you to have patience and keep your effort up wisely.


@mamunchaudhury Putting your link in a reply is spamming the forum and will get you into trouble with the moderators.


Thanks a lot … Actually I am new here , So its a wrongful mistake , sorry guys …

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How do you reach out to your customers, just wanted to take tips from you. Thanks in advance.

Try to keep updating your gig every 3 days.

Figure out who you target customers are, research to understand their needs, determine where those customers are located, and then go to those places and show those customers how you can help them solve their needs. Participate (without spam) on topical forums. Take out ads, and promote those ads where your target customers will see them. Communicate directly with fans, supporters, and influencers. There are plenty of ways to reach out, but YOU are going to have to experiment, and find the ways that work best for your unique target customers.

There is no shortcut to becoming successful, and it will probably take a good deal of time before your target customers trust you and choose you for their projects. Be patient. Be persevering. And be smart in your choices.


Also you can edit a little bit your gig, also create a new gig on other related gig. its working for me getting new buyer message. thanks good luck :slight_smile:

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It seems to be very helpful. I will try these tips.
Thank you

Thank you So much for your suggestion. I didn’t update my gigs even a single time.

Thank You Jonbass for your help!

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I did some changes in my gig, I got a good sell last week, you can also try it …

Alright. I’ll try it as well. Thank you