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No Orders for me yet after close to 1.5 months in Fiverr

Hi, I have been in this fiverr for almost 1.5 months and i have close to 6 Gigs which i am selling. Thlere are so many views but no Orders yet. I have published my Gigs on Google+, Facebook and Twitter. Yet no comments nor Orders. can some one let me know what to do

One thing that jumps out right away is your gig picture. Using a real picture of yourself as your profile pic is an excellent idea and I’m guessing that you did.

For gig pictures, though, you want a unique image on each gig and it should really be something that well represents what you do in that service. When a buyer sees the same picture over and over it doesn’t convey a good impression. When that picture doesn’t say anything about that service, you’ve already lost them more. They may not even get far enough to read your words before just moving on for someone else. Good luck!

Try looking at other seller’s gigs and see how they show their gigs.

They clearly put in the extra time and effort to present their gigs the best way they can.