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No orders for My gig after 3rd review as 4.7 help me

I am new seller of animation.i havent recived any order from last review its 4.7 review i only have 3 reviews…now my service as discribe rate as 4.7, other two -5 star.over rall 4.9. will i recieve order again? What should i do. Help me please


Reviews drastically affects your Gig sales. I remember one time when I got 4.7 rating as a new seller. I didn’t get any orders for about 2 weeks. After a few weeks, my Gig exploded with orders.

You should be very careful, especially being a new seller. One bad review could ruin the career. I almost experienced it myself but I got out of the hole I was in pretty fast and fixed most of the issues I was having.

Oh, and also, being late on delivering the order could hurt the gig as well.


Animation is a competitive market, could you kindly link your gig?

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Sure.this is my gig

Pleass help me.what can i do?

Hello.thank you.this is my gig

Is this review too bad for me? Should i create new account?

Don’t worry. You will get orders soon I hope. I have also 4.9* review. I will suggest you to promote your gigs. And stay online as much as you can. Those 2 things will help you to get back your ranking. And when you will rank you will get more orders.



No, don’t create a new account\

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Hello Emma, Welcome to fiver Forum, First of all, Don’t panic about 4.7 ratings, it is not bad, it is not negative, 4.7 is great. Look at the review your buyer gave, Focus on interacting more with the buyer, Also he wants to work with you again so I don’t see any negativity in that.

Just stick to your work and wait, The orders will come eventually.
It happens to all of us.


4.7 isnt bad, and wont affect your profile anyway.!
We all have that review once or more in career…dont create new accourn and keep carrying with this.
Many new sellers are struggling with even 1 review on their profile an yours already have 3…just try improving where you missed that 0.3 and all good.

PS : Dont make any mistake by asking buyer to leave review ! Try avoiding talking about review and feedback will keep you safe !


Thank you very much all of you

It’s possible that having the word “perfect” in the title might make the review more likely to be less than 5 stars. eg. if there’s any tiny thing about it that the buyer doesn’t think is perfect they might give a slightly lower rating. Saying “perfect” might set their expectations too high.


Do not worry about the rating 4.7. I have a rating of 5 and very good reviews, but for some reason, too, they stopped writing. I think this is due to a lot of competition. And probably the customer simply does not find us.


Hi,first of all welcome to fiverr,4.7 is not too bad review so don,t panic,some times order come to late ,some time come very fast,just do your job honestly & creatively ,you will be succeed .

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Thank you very much…

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