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No orders for my gigs


Still,i didn’t got any offers for weeks, i really don’t know what to do.Help!!!


Hi, can u link your profile ?


Thank you for your reply



Just a couple suggestions that might help you regarding your orders.

  • Be sure to add more information within your profile. Sure it’s a internet platform, but people prefer to do business with… people. So show a bit of personality.
  • Go through your gigs and try to utilize as much of the descriptions as possible. I also believe that you have an FAQ page that should be utilized. Perhaps cover by anticipating some concerns or issues a buyer might have.
  • if you’re attracting English clientele, be sure that you’re using proper punctuation, etc. Buyers might be having concerns on how things are written, expecting that they too will have a product delivered that isn’t grammatically correct.
  • My disclaimer… I’m not a writer, just a voice talent sharing some insights…



Use buyer’s request, add more info, check if your tags are messed up, use more entertaing graphics. And from personal experience no one would hire me if i charged too much. I had to start from 5$ until i got a few reviews and trusty clients.

Good luck :blush:


Thank you so much for your advice


Thank you:blush::blush:


But i don’t get enough buyer request i have 3 to 4 a day :disappointed_relieved:


Its fiverr…Not a bidding site.

So you need to wait.


Generally, no level sellers intend to see less or minimum buyer requests. It is advisable to visit the buyer request section more frequently. There are many tips already mentioned by various forum sellers and mods. Use the search feature on the forum to learn something from there about getting more orders.