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No orders for over a month now- expert please help

hey, I have been promoted to level one and since then my impression has drastically dropped, also I canceled one order which I am wondering if’s the cause. kindly check my gig and advice what I should do to get orders soon. thanks,


Same Thing I was faced when first time I was in level 1. canceling order then no order for 2 months even zero message. But never lose hope. I visited my profile every single day. After 2 months I got order and also level back.

In this condition you can do one thing that is to share your gig in social media specially twitter. I wish your problem will solve soon.


It’s probably just because of gig rotation/many new gigs being added. You could check your gig description to see if there is anything that could be improved there.

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Recently I also got level 1 seller. After this position I can’t understands buyer request and didn’t get any message or order


thanks for the advice

alright will do. thanks

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Nothing to worried. After getting level 1 badge it happen. Keep Patience do some update in your gig, like you can increase price or make little changes in your description or title or upgrade your images after few days you will again start getting new order and everything will become normal. Wish you good luck.

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Hi there!

As for your gig, I think your gig images can be improved.

In one of the images, it says that you’re available 24/7, but what if a buyer contacts you when you’re sleeping. How will you be available?

Also, maybe you should include an image or a PDF of your actual writing. That way, buyers can see if the style that you write in is good for them!

Thanks! Good luck!

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this happens dues to many factors like gig rotation, order cancellation and even sometimes the private feedback which buyers give. either way we as a seller cannot do anything. be patient, everything will be fine :slight_smile:

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@nikitakakade24 explains some basics.

I too have found that any order cancellation drastically decreases the odds of your gig appearing in the first 10 pages. There are so many gigs with perfect stats and each one holds weight. Take each percentage point seriously.

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