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No orders for photoshop editor, business card designer

Hey guys,
I am a new to fiverr, have just created a gig which is not getting any orders. If it is because of no ratings and reviews.
I will do the work for free just to get my work out there and collect some ratings and reviews. Here’s my gig link:

Now, be my first special client and send me some work. I am getting bored.

There was buyers request:

I need 1000 pictures edited and enhanced for 5$.

For voice over get better mic or record in quiet environment.


Sorry? where? I didn’t quite understand what you said. I just checked, There’s no buyer request for 1000 images.

Hi, @jaisipani
Include Video in your gig. Write an attractive description. Do Research.
Go through the Tips Category.

Hi @rana4944,
Photoshopping and business card designs just have before and after work, not videos which I have clearly shown in my gigs.
I have researched and seen the work of my counterparts, none of them has a video for their gigs.

Thank you,

You can add a slideshow video of your work and upload it. @jaisipani
As video effects more.

Please don’t consider doing work for free. There is no benefit. Besides…

Without receiving an order from a buyer, you can’t ‘deliver’ a job. Without a job to deliver, a buyer can’t leave feedback.

Remember, this is a business marketplace. Not a volunteer site.

I don’t want to. But what options do I have. I am not getting any orders. Maybe client approaches more seeking work for free.

It will be good offer if you give something additional For Free to the buyer.
You can write in description that You will give additional logo or what you want for free to attract more customers.

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If they want work for free then they are not a client.

This is not how Fiverr works.

Yeah. That’s a great idea. Will surely do that.

Okay, I will charge and give additional services for first client. But how do I land a client. What’s lacking in my profile.
How do a newbie comes on first page.

hey, It’s been 3 days since i posted the video. still, I didn’t get any order.

Hey, I advised you to add slideshow video of all your work.
But you simply created 19 secs video of you doing work.
Please search how to create slideshow video.
Moreover, You need to make attractive title and description. Not only video is important for ranking and attracting customers.

It’s been a while since I added a slideshow and many other minor correction. Yet I am not getting any orders(not even impressions). What’s wrong with my gig??

Do you send BR?
If you do and don’t get any response then you really need to change the way you write the BR.
Earn reviews from buyer requests first, then your gig would rank (however gigs keep moving and Fiverr might rank you gig in top pages).

Yes I do.
But The buyer which I have seen when I Check, are inactive after placing the requests.

How do you know they are inactive? There is no online status on buyer’s profile…

Well they haven’t given their order to anyone yet.
And I messaged them too to ask.

There’s no option to contact buyer. You can message seller who might have posted buyer request.