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No orders for the 1st time!


Since I’ve put up a video I’ve had multiple orders everyday my gig is active. Maybe it’s the American holiday… or who knows… but no orders at all today is strange to me. I know I’ve been having to work around these crazy “404 errors” by switching internet browsers… I wonder if that’s the culprit. Or maybe it’s just Tuesday.


It would seem that your gig has rocked big time for a month.

I am curious why the healthy flow of orders would suddenly stop.


Agreed. I did suspend the gig over the weekend. It was an American business holiday yesterday. And Tuesday’s have been notoriously slow since I’ve begun. I’ve also kept an eye on the other top rated people in my category and they seem to have fewer orders today too. lol, is it wrong to stalk your competition? I actually really admire the other voiceover people on fiverr. Some AMAZING talent.


Fiverr goes through falls in business every so often :slight_smile: I normally receive 5-10 orders every day. I have received considerably less than this in past week.


well mine too. Sales been very slow this past week to me =/