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No Orders From last 1 Month

Hello, This is Dhanesh from India.From last Month I haven’t got any Order.Is there anyone who can check my fiverr Gigs and suggest me how I should Improve it???

Thanking you

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Hello, @jadavdhanesh,

I have moved your thread to “Improve My Gig.” This category is where other Forum members are welcome to give you feedback on your profile and gigs.

The one thing I noticed is you offer to give the first order free. How can you do that? As soon as a buyer places an order Fiverr takes the payment and placed in escrow so I am not sure how you can give any buyer their first order free. Furthermore, buyers may know this and think you are trying to cheat them. :thinking:


Hi there @jadavdhanesh, welcome to the Forum. I just checked your gigs, the images look great and catchy. However, I suggest optimizing your profile description to better English. Also, get rid of ‘‘First Order is FREE’’. Do you want to work for free, Imagine if you have 10 orders a day, and each order is a new client, this means you’ll have 10 orders you give out for FREE, where are your earnings you worked so hard for???

Good luck and best wishes

Warmly, Humberto


Muahaha, we had a similar answer to his thread, funny!! :rofl:

Thanks for Valuable Suggestions,and Tips.

Ohh !!! Its true.I will change it.Thanks for Valuable Suggestion.