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No orders from last 20 days :(

From the past 20 days, I got no order :pensive: sending buyer requests daily also did marketing as well but no orders till now. what should I do now?


No order 49 days.
I’m still waiting for order.

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that’s very sad :frowning:

What do you mean ‘marketing’? Marketing to who and how?

I’ve not read one single success story on these forums from someone who ‘marketed’ their skills and got an order.

Were your buyer requests targeted responses outlining your skills and aligning what you can offer with what the buyer is looking for?

Or were they generic copy and paste responses that you sent to 10+buyers?


Facing same issue too, it’s bn sad :pensive:

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I have also no order from last 7 days. But I hope I will get order soon. So keep patience and send buyer request daily.

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i have also no order from last 60 days…

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no order since 60 days.But have patience one day we will.Waiting for the one day.

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keep hard working , Good luck for your future :heartpulse:

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No matter whats going on or not!!!
just patience,
one day success will come

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Ok, wow. I’m surprised. This is the best reply I found in this thread and… well, there is almost no response to this reply. And yet everyone else is hyping each other up with - have patience, buyers requests, social media marketing etc.
Just wondering.


I mean you guys talking about ’ one day ’ we don’t want a one day sale event, we want on -going sales. Is that right? sadiatamanna199, gauranag, dbrandinggig, developermdsk, tota_miah