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No orders from last 4 months


Hi there,
somebody knows how to get orders. my gig goes down day by day from there situated pages. my gig had first pages. but those day had positives but didn’t goes up my gig. It is had accidently. now no any buyers. can you help me???


You delivered an order 11 hours ago and have reviews for almost every day…am I missing something?


yes. it is one of my old buyer order. I have only old few buyers only now. no new orders yet


More than 90% of my July sales were from old customers :slight_smile: Today my gig drop to nowhere of ave customer review page from page one yesterday :slight_smile:


Just keep patience and give best to old clients


yes, now have to wait. no any step for this. thank you


Well, If that is the case then you should not waste your further time and find a day job ! Not all things works for everyone.