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No Orders From one month and level 2 seller

Hi, i’m level 2 seller on fiverr but from past 1 month i didn’t receive any order from fiverr. i’m worried what to do now. i need suggestion from experts. thanks in advance


try checking your stats

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yeah i’m checking on daily basis but still no luck

What constitutes “luck” in checking your stats?

There are loads of insights in your stats. Loads.

actually i’m daily sharing my gig to social media platforms but still not getting order

It is seems clear that your target customers are not on social media. Go where your customers are, that’s the only way you’re going to find more orders.


can you help me out where i can find customer for Logo Design service?

Send Buyer request daily
if you can send it mid night
And Share your gigs on different social media

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Nobody want to share this tricks. You need to find customers to implement your own tricks.

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well said. most people never share their personal methods of how they getting orders

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You don’t share your gig daily.

Sharing frequently doesn’t make leads or sales more likely. It just makes you look unprofessional and annoying. This is not how you get sales with social media.

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No, I cannot. You need to be willing to do your own market research to determine where YOUR target customers are located. This is part of being in business, and as a freelancer, you are maintaining a business. You business is your gigs.

Who needs logos, and where do you think you can find those people?