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No orders from past 20 days

from the last 20 days, I did not get any order on Fiverr :sweat: Is there any solution for this?


Same here brother I haven’t order since 30 days.

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but still i send 10 buyer request daily but no response :frowning:

Try optimizing your gigs

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not so expert on optimization :’(

Do social media sharing. Use twitter…


I do those kind of stuff daily :slight_smile:

Are you marketing to your target audience?

If not, it’s like trying to sell snowboards on the beach. You might, might, make a sale, but your efforts are mostly wasted because you’re in the wrong place.

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Hello guys :slight_smile: Fiverr is like any another real work in the reality, sometimes it’s going up sometimes down, if we don’t have many orders to work on then we can invest our time to learn new things, developing our skills, we can also update our gigs. Last advice is when you get an order treat it like the first and the last one, give your best, make people satisfied to return back… many things to do just dont stop your acitivites.

Goodluck to yout all :slight_smile:


Great suggestions…

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same here guys :mask: