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No orders, gig on page 13. How can we get orders?

I am not getting any orders since the past three months just 5 dollars one that also like 3 or 4. I used to get many orders before. Since the issue of the search issue, my gig was pushed back my earnings went down. My gig is on page 13 and no body obviously goes so back to check out any gig.
Please guide how can i get orders? I am quite frustrated. I am aware that we should promote our gigs on social media, improve seo, title, tags , description, gig image/video etc, other than these please give some realistic guidance. Instead of telling me that everyone gets a chance on fiverr or anything, please give some real advice. Hoping to receive some beneficial advices. Thanks


That is the question. Lots of people are in the same situation and have been for years. No answer from support on what causes it.

But if enough people contact support, maybe they will finally notice that it’s a big issue and they need to solve it. Sort gigs again by best selling, and not new gigs or badly rated gigs on first page of “best selling” and best selling gigs on last page.


Many sellers have contacted the support, but the support keeps on denying the issue. They said they are not fixed blah blah. If they are not agreeing to this issue, will this remain like this then? So basically a couple of good few months and then you are fired?
I dont know why fiverr has done this, when all the good sellers are bringing in more benefit to fiverr by having orders. Buyers hardly trust a new seller. When a seller with good reputation is working good, why push back?


Don’t promote your gig on social media, promote yourself and the work you do. Nobody wants to do business with a link, they want to do business with a person who has something to offer.

Try your luck in the buyer request.


Tried on buyer request, hardly got a order from there. How do i promote myself? What steps should i take?


What issue and how do you expect them to “fix” it for everyone?
Let’s say it’s 500000 sellers on fiverr how do you expect fiverr to put them all even on the first 5 pages?

Fiverr is already rotating gigs giving chance to everyone to be on top so I’m not sure how else you want fiverr to “fix” this.

If YOU want to be always on top and it to be “fixed” only for you then again that will unfair to other sellers


Promote previous work you have completed. Show off your creations. Display your capabilities.

I’m a ghostwriter. If I wanted to promote on social media I would display something I wrote for myself that shows my skill set. If someone likes my style of writing and is in need of my service, they will contact me for more info. Then I could share my fiverr link with them.


I agree fiverr should rotate gigs, but the issue is that all the good sellers with good reviews and rating etc have been pushed to last page, not only me, many are facing this problem. Under the best selling category, all the sellers with no reviews are being shown at top, this is clearly a bug


Same situation here. account & gig published since March-2020, but yet to get orders. I’m frustrated too. :frowning:

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Where can we promote? I have tried on social media, and email marketing. But i think i am missing something .

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Do you have any reviews?


what is buyer request?

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Not yet. But got customs order request over msg after getting free examples. The buyer stop communicating.

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I am talking about sellers who got many reviews and not getting orders

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You have tried on social media using a link to your gig. Have you tried sharing your talent instead. I don’t have many followers on Instagram. Maybe like 170, but most of the people who follow me fall into the Hiphop culture, which all my gigs revolve around. If they need my services they can contact me easily after seeing my work.


I tried sharing my talent also, not only the link. I created my own samples and published, ran a page but no response.


I’m new seller and waiting for work and buyer’s reviews.

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Actually, as someone who has been around for years, and seen sellers coming to the forums complaining that CS didn’t answer them, I can say with near certainty, that many sellers are demanding answers from CS that CS cannot provide. Just because a seller thinks there’s a problem, doesn’t mean Fiverr has to agree. Gigs rotate frequently in the search results. I myself have been knocked back to the last page many times, and when I take efforts to improve my gig and it’s marketing, I inevitably return to a more visual location.

It might be helpful if people stop claiming everything they don’t like is Fiverr’s fault, and, instead, find ways to improve their situation. Being in business means learning how to roll with the punches, and finding ways to overcome the inevitable down times. You’re not going to be raking in the sales 100% of the time. That’s just not realistic – of any business, no matter what the environment.

I’ve been to the bottom of the search results many times… and I’ve take actions to get back to a higher page. It’s just how the search system works, and those who do well, and take responsibility for their own success, inevitably find themselves reaching the success they seek.

The people who succeed in business, are the people who don’t blame other people for their challenges. Overcome your challenges, and work to find your own success.

No one is “fired” from anything. None of us are employed by Fiverr. We are independent contractors who host our services on Fiverr’s platform. Again, Fiverr is not responsible for our success, each of us are responsible for getting where we want to be.

Fiverr hasn’t “done” anything to intentionally hurt anyone. Fiverr’s system treats every seller under the same rules. Blaming Fiverr is not how good sellers succeed on this platform. From what I’ve seen over the years, Fiverr likes to reward sellers who take their own responsibility for their own sales and success. Fiverr owes success to no one, nor does any seller deserve success just because they want it to be given to them.

If you’re not getting the sales you want from the Fiverr search system, then it might be beneficial to do what you need to do to connect to your target buyers in the other locations they can be found. Bring them to Fiverr, and convince them to hire you.

There are reasons for this. New sellers have not yet built a reputation as a good seller. Experienced sellers already have. But even the experienced sellers were new sellers at one point. Build your success. Don’t expect it to be given to you.

On the contrary, I fully believe that Fiverr has been so utterly and completely flooded by new sellers – people who have lost their jobs elsewhere during this pandemic, and think Fiverr is an easy-money alternative – that Fiverr’s “new seller boost” has overwhelmed the search system. The system is NOT – I repeat, NOT – broken, it’s just struggling to operate under a load of new sellers seeking new fortunes, during this pandemic. The flood is so intense, that the system just wasn’t prepared for the load.

No one was prepared for this pandemic.

Find ways to connect to your target customers, and out-compete the new sellers. I’ve risen from the last page many times. You can too.


Okay so i know gigs rotate, usually rows or second or third page, but rotation that means from first or second page to last pages isnt rotation, its a bug its obvious.

I am not blaming, i am saying why have they done this?/ Its a query not a blame.

By fired, i meant that couple of good months then fiverr is useless, i meant this. I am aware we are independent contractors on fiverr.

For the best selling part you wrote about, i completely disagree with you. There is a bug, how come the sellers with no reviews are spotted at top under best selling category? Do you understand the meaning of “best selling”? I am aware fiverr has been flooded with new sellers, atleast fiverr should admit that they are fixing or something just like they did for gig analytics.

You are saying you risen from the last page, how did you come back? You convinced people that werent on the platform?

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Jon, i am not the only one facing this problem. There are many of good sellers and professionals who are also complaining this.