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No orders ! help please!

hi everyone check out my profile am graphic designer i didnt get a single order :frowning: i need help .anybody here to help me out

It’s tough. You have to promote yourself and your gigs 24/7. Keep at it.

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We are not a mind readers. And can’t check your gigs without a link to your gig.


sorry i post it now

Hi @prosignature, I just checked your Gigs. You offering three Gigs about the same category Minimalist Logo’s?? Why not 3d logo, Badges etc, just to showcase more of your work and get your visitors engaged to what you offering?

Also, your long descriptions are awful? You can’t expect your visitors to order any of your projects when they read your descriptions? You have to understand this is a professional platform where you have been given the opportunity to showcase your expertise and passion and why they should purchase? These words are very unprofessional and it makes me feel like your not at all passionate about being A Graphic Designer???

Hiiiiii!!! Do you want an amazing logo for your Website,for page,or any other activity ?if you want a high quality logo you are at the right place ?

Common, think about it, would you purchase if someone would leave these words as bullet points. NO WAY!! It is horrible. You have to change your attitude. This is your business, your income, and most likely your passion, but I don’t see any of these come true for you. Do something about it.

I would have helped you but time is out of hand for me. Just makes sure you go through every gig step-by-step and optimize it and you’ll be fine!!

Take care and good luck!!

Kindly, Humberto

thank u so much bro i will try my best i will change my gig one by one i am new in this sector so thats why

I checked that, you using link on your description. remove it. Fiverr does not allow to use external link. don’t use any link on your description.

create more gigs on other graphics categorie.
use good gig title and description.

can u guide me where i use link ??

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don’t use any link. remove all link from description.

Don’t Give up, You can send Offers to buyers Requests on Fiverr