No orders? Here is a solution (Edited)



A lot of sellers are posting topics about Not getting any orders .
I use this idea whenever i face a low sales period .

Whenever your buyer is going to close the order and leave a review , You can always ask them to favorite your Gig and Recommend Your Gig to others.

That’s all folks

Happy Selling


If you message your old buyers and they didn’t ask about your new gigs or updated portfolio, they might report you for spamming, and you could get your messaging disabled.


I agree with @catwriter. Your intensions are good but I also wouldn’t suggest it. There are so many sellers who were penalized for trying to reach out to buyers. Catwriter is 100% correct.



Well i have alot of repeated buyers they talk to me and message to me regularly , Some even became my friends .
Yes i agree , if that’s the case i will not recommend this to others .

Thanks for the info, will keep this in mind .