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No orders :( i am new here and waiting for orders


I am not getting orders and waiting :frowning:



  • it seems that you published three almost identical Gigs, and this is not a good practice.

  • If you want to offer a choice in terms of number of words, revisions and delivery time you better use the “three packages” schema (Basic, Standard and Premium).

  • You should also proofread your descriptions.
    There are spelling errors, as well punctuation and formatting errors.

  • You also promise that the “first two orders will be free”.
    If you hope to start a career giving refunds you are on the wrong path.

  • Your Gigs have too few tags, or too generic tags.

  • Your profile picture shows a very little part of someone that is probably you.
    A picture where you show at least your eyes could give a better impression.

  • You should also visit frequently the “Buyer Requests” section: there you will find someone that is looking for your services.

Best of luck.


oh !!! you are right.


thank you sir for your great tipes


Thank you so much sir, i will make it correct


Waiting is NOT a good business strategy. Fiverr’s tagline is, “In Doers We Trust.” What can you do to be a doer, instead of a “sit around and wait-er”?

People who do, succeed. People who wait for success rarely ever find it.


There are lots of grammatical and mechanical errors in your gig descriptions. I wouldn’t feel confident buying writing from you.

Instead of waiting passively for orders, why not work through a grammar book and improve your product?