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No orders in almost 6 weeks, any advice?

Hi there…im new in Fiverr, i make illustration work and put my illustrations at a very low price and got a few orders , all of them were rated at 5 stars …and then suddenly radio silence…take a look at my profile and tell me…maybe im not that good of an illustrator, i take any advice.


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Gigs are continually rotating by fiverr algorithm

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Thanks a lot , i will read and try to apply these advices…my prices are the lowest Fiverr let me , hope i can ad some value to my illustrations.

I dont undesrstand , how does it work?

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And no one knows how the Fiverr algorithm works.

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thanks a lot , hope we can help each other.

No orders coming in :slightly_frowning_face: don’t know whats happening with fiverr, it seems getting harder for new sellers

seems so u.u , sad thing its i got 4 orders and each one gave me 5 stars ranking and goog reviews…i almost feel blacklisted by the algorithm or something u.u

Yeah same with me :roll_eyes:

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You are a very good illustrator and your reviews testify to that.

In the description of your gig with 3 reviews you need to change “loking” to “looking” and “aeditorial” to “editorial.” Instead of “of” your magazine you need to put “for” your magazine. The “i” can make it happen needs to be a capital “I”.

In the title “ilustration” should be " illustration".

Suggest you take time to check each of your gigs for spelling mistakes and make any corrections.

Check out: New Sellers … Success Doesn’t Come To Those Who Wait!

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thanks a lot i will read carefully the link you send me and try to improve , thanks for helping , means a lot.

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Hope you are already have the answer :slight_smile: