No orders in June.Is there something wrong with my gig?


Hi everyone,
I am on Fiverr for almost 1 and half year.I have not faced Situation like this before.
I am not getting enough orders from last month and just a couple of orders this month.
Is there something wrong with my watercolor Gig, because it’s my best selling gig so far…
Thank you!


have you tried buyer requests?


Yes, But still no luck:disappointed_relieved:


what’s you niche? Have you tried social share? what’s your level?


Graphics designing,leve2 seller and yes I share my gigs on social media too.


Just play with your tags also amount of buyers here are becoming lesser maybe that’s the issue .Im not sure.


promote your gig via social sites


Many sellers are facing the same problem, I think it because of the new placement algorithm. @rihat76


Same here try to promote your gigs in social media


I hope so @mumar1991


I think the old algorithm was good for all.No one was complaining about orders issues.
Hope for best.


There’s nothing wrong with your gig. Fiverr isn’t advertising (check Alexa).
NO advertising = dwindling traffic = dwindling leads

I don’t view my Fiverr gig as my company like many Sellers do. Instead, I view Fiverr as a service I purchase for my company. And that service includes, generating leads, and in return I surrender 20% of my earnings. To pay money for a service you’ve provided to yourself (generating leads) just doesn’t make sense to me.


Contact your old buyers and use buyers request


Thank you all for your suggestions.


facing the same issue from the last month fiverr changed it’s search algorithm due to which many sellers are in trouble. But try to Create New Gig’s and For long term strategy increase your Average selling Price. Thanks


Thank you for your suggestions @haris_designs