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No orders in last 2 months! Effect of pandemic?

I was expecting to reach best seller level this year, but right from start of this year number of orders decreased dramatically and I hardly receive any order in last couple of months. I don’t even get messages. Just wondering what went wrong? Is anyone else is facing same issue? Is it the effect of COVID19?


hi, may I know do you check buyer requests? how about you can check facebook or linkedin to look for possible clients? just be mindful when they ask your contact info


I am also facing the same problem. Got 4 order in last 2 months. Sending buyer request regularly but didn’t get any knock or any message from potential buyer.

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Me too. I thought it is my profile problem. :laughing: time to change titles and keywords. :thinking:

I don’t think it is for the pandemic situation. The marketplace is going well and most of the sellers are getting regular orders.
Please make sure that your gig is in the right category and well-optimized as well.

Hi there!
During the pandemic there is a boost in the marketplace and everyone is getting orders.
But from last 20 days there is a downward turn in the market.
Please check your keywords and select the right category

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My gigs were doing very good sales until the start of this year. As I said I was expecting to reach best seller level this year but Sales suddenly went down.

Yes I do check buyer requests and whatever order I got are all from buyer requests only in last 3 to 4 months. My gigs were doing very good sales till December 2019 but sales suddenly went down.

Do your gigs lost their impression?

Same to me :slightly_frowning_face:

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Are you competing in a saturated niche?

I also used to have regular, almost daily orders in my best-selling gig but now I’ll be lucky if I receive 1 order every week…

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same same bro :joy: :kissing_closed_eyes:

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I have delivered more than 900 orders till now. I used to have 8-10 orders in bucket everyday till December 2019.

Yes it does. Lost the impressions drastically !

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