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No orders in last week. Went from 1-2 a day to none....anyone else having this issue?

I am a level 2 seller. Went from 1-2 a day, at least 5 a week to nothing…anyone else? and what to do about it?

Yup, unfortunately I am in the same boat. A level 2 seller for months and all my orders have just dried up and I have nothing in the pipeline. I am guessing they have changed something, although “what?” I have no idea.

I think my orders have actually increased in the last couple of weeks. I’d suggest either marketing your gig online elsewhere, or create another more in demand gig?

Anyone can tell me, why fiverr delete or remove from search result my gig.?

yeahh something happened in last 4 days …

same problem here not getting orders even didn’t find my gig anywhere…

something strange is happening for sure but for me it is actually good… I was at around 2 orders per day average in last 5-6 months then it slowed down a bit… I invested a lot of time to make new descriptions, add videos improve extras and it worked… Now getting 3-4 orders per day… Actually in 2 days in a row I got like 7-8 orders per day!

Same problem here. But nothing strange! That’s how the new Fiverr works. In my niche, I have seen some new sellers getting a steady amount of sales each day. While some old sellers are also getting orders, but I think they are far more senior than me. Fiverr wants us to promote in social media while they are busy promoting the new sellers. But it takes a huge time to build a targeted audience and get sales from social media. So it’s not going to help me right now. The last month was horrible for me. If the problem persists, I am thinking about quitting. It’s just not worth spending my time here!

Yes I am also getting same problem. Now getting less order even I am ranking on fiverr well. before I am getting 10 a day now getting 2 or 3…