No orders in months



I am wondering about my gigs that I have had up and running for over 3 months now though I have not gotten one single order. I am unsure what happened or why this is happening. I check in every day or every other day at least and it’s getting to be sad because I was getting about an order or two a week and now nothing. It just stopped completely and I have yet to get another order in months. Am I doing something wrong?


I am at a loss. Your gigs look good, your profile looks good.

There are some who will commiserate with you, saying, “Fiverr has been dead lately,” etc. It’s not. I’m covered up with work, and so are many others.

First, try to find yourself in the search. Perhaps by some error, you have been omitted, and a message to customer service could perhaps rectify this.

Second, add another gig. New gigs get extra exposure. Delete the 2 which have never been rated and created new ones. You’ve got to keep experimenting until something works.

Last, try to get out of that very crowded space you’re in. I read that there is a guy on here that does Danish-English translations. I thought, “There’s only like a thousand Danish people in the world. That won’t sell.” Well, evidently all thousand of them have hired a guy on Fiverr to do translations for them, because there are over a thousand reviews on just a single Danish-English translation gig. It’s still possible to find a (relatively) uncrowded corner of Fiverrworld where you’ll stand out better.

The only thing I know I wouldn’t do is nothing. It’s not working.

Best of luck to you,

Bob :slight_smile:


Exactly on point. @selfors has explained it really well.
December was indeed a slow month on fiverr but end of jan and feb was outstandingly busy.
You should keep trying, send buyer requests and have patience. You will soon have a wave of orders. :slight_smile:


Just a small point. Maybe go into languages under your profile description and change this from unspecified to fluent.


Thanks for the quick reply. I am unsure as well as I was getting a decent amount of sells that were making me happy. I was making around $100 a month, which isn’t major but it was awesome to get that for me personally to see my work getting out there.

I know that the field that I am in is very crowded and I am trying to think of some gigs that might get me out of that “crowded design area” but sadly that is the only real job I can see myself doing on Fiverr. I went to school and have a BS in Graphic Design and do this as a side job to my design job I have now.

I am just trying to think of other things I can do and its hard because nothing really comes to mind for me, as a professional skill set all I know is design, design, design.


I have had a fair amount of orders this month but in the last week I have gotten nothing which is not the norm. I am also a graphic designer.