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No orders in my gigs


Hello ,
i am new here so if there is any mistake in my topic please help to fix it

My question is why i don’t get Orders from buyers and Why my second gig have no impressions ??

please help and point out to me what i am doing wrong to improve myself …Thanks


Choice some specific keywords. Major keywords, attractive image about your experience. Image seo must be needed.


What about your gig??


i want to know why there is no impressions on it and why my gigs get no orders !!!


Here’s some constructive criticism for you;

  • Your first gig is titled “I will create company intro video for you”. In English, the phrase ‘Company Intro Video’ isn’t something that is widely used, so I can’t imagine many people would be searching for this. You should look for a more suitable way of describing your service.
  • You’ve provided one video as an example, and it’s very basic. It’s literally just some words on the screen. There are many software packages out there, some for free, that would do the same or better. Have you compared your whiteboard videos with other people in your niche? There are some amazing animators on Fiverr, and they are your direct competition.
  • You’re really expensive, especially for someone with no experience on Fiverr.

Honestly, it’s the same story with your business card gig.

At this point, I think you have a couple of options. Either drastically reduce your prices in the hopes of generating some early customers, or vastly improve what you’re offering, both in terms of the product itself and your portfolio.

Please don’t take this the wrong way - it’s advice, which is what you’ve asked for. But after looking at your gigs, I think most people visiting your gigs are realising that for the same money, there are other options with better portfolios of work. It makes sense that your potential customers are going there instead.


If you edit your gigs, impression will be reduced.
Add tags which your gigs related.


Thanks for your criticism and honesty That’s exactly what i want to know , so your advice is most appreciated :slight_smile:


it an amazing observation hope it will help him


You’ve already done the hardest bit by getting started. When we first started out, our quality of work was terrible compared to now. We worked for cheap, and re-invested our money so we could improve. We tweaked our gigs regularly until we found something we were happy with. Keep experimenting and improving, and I’m sure you’ll start to see success. Good luck!


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