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No orders in over 2 months!

guys, please help me. if anyone needs youtube thumbnails, made ASAP, then check out my gig at guys please order from me, fiverr has so far not been generous to me. As a graphic designer, i wanted to use fiverr to put my skills to some good use, but unfortunately no one is ordering from me. please please please order from me

@hazimtarar, maybe you should promote a little bit more your gig?
I mean, on social media and with your surroundings?
For me, my surroundings don’t use Fiverr, so it’s very difficult to sell for me too. Additionally very few of my facebook friends and instagram followers speak English, so I have to build an audience from scratch,
You can also search for related topic in the forum, there is a lot of wisdom in there, you’ll find some tips for sellers,

I hope this help you,

Happy Fiverring :grin: