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No orders in over a month

guys, i have been a member of fiverr for approximately to a month now. I have improved my voice over gig, whcih seems to get impressions but sadly no orders. Buyers contact me but suddenly stop responding, when I answer them. If anyone of you needs voice overs done at minimum prices, I am your guy. I will voice over as many words as you want. I have sent a lot of buyer requests but no luck sadly. I need a little traction so help me by buying from me.

thank you

Out of interest, what equipment are you using to create your voice overs?

Definitely list equipment!

I haven’t listened to all of your audio, but I spotted a major problem with the audio in your first video. It was the only one I listened to. It is poor quality! I can hear pops and clicks. I can tell you didn’t record it in one take because of this. Pops and clicks occur when you chop the audio but don’t put a fader either end. It’s an easy fix - sort it out.

Specify whether you include any mixing like compression / eq etc.


If you created the gig info video for the voice over gig in an aspect ratio like 1.78:1 that might help as the thumbnail image for it should show.

thanks for the advice, but how do i fix this?

I don’t wish to offend you - but why are you advertising a gig for a British or USA voice over, when you’re evidently neither of these things?

Your video is of poor quality and the standard of your voice isn’t good enough to pass as British or US. Why don’t you advertise as an English speaking Pakistani voice? You might get more luck.

And if you can, redo your video and invest in better equipment,

I would suggest doing some research on YouTube and find some quality videos on how to create a really strong voice-over.

Look for the following:
Bill DeWees
Booth Junkie
Earl Hall Studio

Hey hi! @hazimtarar
I just checked out your profile, first thing that got is that you haven’t mentioned anything regarding voice-acting in your description. That doesn’t seem good.
PLUS you have mentioned that you can do projects related to biology and chemistry, or MATLAB, i would suggest you to create separate gigs for each of them.

Just some suggestions :slight_smile: