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No orders in the past month

I have only ever had 2 orders but in the past 2 months I have had no orders. Anyone know how I can get some new orders.


Connect to your target customers, and convince them to hire you.


i just started in fiverr, it’s been almost a month now and a still didn’t get a single order !! I am feeling sad :pensive:

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What actions have you been pursuing in order to earn orders?

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i shared my gig on reddit and discord , i got some clicks but did’t generate any orders @jonbaas .

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sir please how can someone connect to target customers on fiverr, you know fiverr didn’t allow seller to connect with buyer

please teach me!!!

which service are you rendering on fiverr, i mean what is the name of all gig in your account

I’m not talking about sending spam messages to other users here in Fiverr. Who are the exact – specific – people your services are designed to help? Where are those customers – where else online, or off, do those people hang out? Participate with them in those places. Connect to them – interact, appeal, convince. Place ads, write blog posts that they will read… connect to them and their needs. Show them that you are the best seller to solve their project concerns.

i’ll try to do that , thanks !

These articles may help you


i have also a lot of experience in designing but 2 months ago i joined fiver but not get order still i am waiting…But try to update your gigs