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No orders in weeks


Hello, it’s my first time posting on the forum. I was wondering why my sales suddenly stopped, I started selling on Fiverr since few months ago, things started slow but it was getting better, I understand December tends to be quiet, but It’s almost the half of January and still not getting any better. So, perhaps someone could tell me what could possibly be wrong or if it’s normal. I’ll appreciate any recommendation, thank you.


You could still be in a slump. You may also need to promote your service more on your own for more clicks/exposure. Just be patient and look into marketing your gigs.


Thank you, yes I’ve been doing that, I hope orders start coming again. Have a nice day :slight_smile:


Fixed gigs content.

Because many of the same shows and the same quality in fiverr.
We face industry competition.


Fiverr cannot guarantee number of sales, gig stats or gig positions. If there is a drop in sales, it doesn’t mean it’s permanent.
Fiverr is growing and so number of competitors and competitive gigs.


I have the same problem…:((


Yes, you’re right, perhaps I should update the gigs from time to time.


I hope things get better soon Daniel, no worries :slight_smile:


Same here ,even the impression are decreasing