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No Orders inspite of clicks, views and impressions


I am a new seller on Fiverr, I joined Fiverr this July 2018, I am getting many views, clicks, and impressions but no orders. I have promoted my gigs on social media and forums but sill not getting any order.
Can anyone please see my profile and tell me what is lacking in my gig or profile?


I also have this problem, if you find any answer please inform me.


Your gig is just perfect! But, did you ever saw that?


Yes, surely. If you get an answer please share…


Thanks for your feedback.


i am also looking for the answer


I joined Fiverr on July 20th last year. It took until September before I got my first order. Many successful new sellers wait this long and longer to get their first order. So patience is a must.

While I waited for my first order, I visited the Forum and read what sellers there were posting about their experiences and what they did to improve their gigs. In the mean time this may help.


good gig but try to send more custom offers :slight_smile:



Can you tell me more about custom orders like how should custom offers should be like?


Thanks for the feedback. Information provided by you is very useful :fu::fu::fu:


first you choice buyers offers, what they want , after type kindly words + type your service is good than other service in fiverr marketplace . and give extra works free :slight_smile:


Hi, I have found some information probably it will be helpful for you.

Take a look at this Post


Probably this information would be useful for you…
Have a look at this Post


custom offers and buyer request offers are not the same @madurahd :confused: :crazy_face: :joy_cat:


Thanks for Tips! Will surely try these Tips! :fu::fu:


Please keep patience, it will come.