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NO ORDERS need help please

hi, I am logo designer I have 2 years +experience in logo designing. my main issue is I don’t get orders I send 10 buyers request daily :frowning: but still no orders :blush: anybody here to help me out my hard work doesn’t pay off :frowning: check out my gig this is my main gig
please, experts, help me
thank you!
Fawad khan


I just saw you profile
You should change your tags and description .
Kindly research 15 to 20 related gigs and find top 5 perfect tags and definitely use them technically in your description box…that will help you INN SHA ALLAH .


thanks for your reply
i change my desicription everyweek :frowning: will you help mw about tags and description please :frowning:


i think you should change your description a bit you dont need to change it everyweek just make a good one and let it be

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" let it be" :
Have it be drowned by itself :joy:

ok i will try hope for best thanks everyone :broken_heart::broken_heart:

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i meant make a good one which attracts the buyers and keep that one this is what i suggest cause this is what i am doing


can you tell me sny one of description please

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Hello how are you? How long has it been since you joined fiverr? I was going through your profile and found out that you have already posted this topic many times. Read the suggestions from your old posts and follow them.


I know :wink:

Very difficult question to answer. as many factors might directly or indirectly affect your sales.

From my experience, I can tell you that it took me some time before I started to generate some sales.

What were the reasons of my failures? Very simple…

wrong offer (I picked highly competitive niches)

wrong Gig image

wrong title construction

wrong description

wrong pricing structure

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you can google how to write a good description follow the steps with your qualities in mind and there you go its done


thanks, everyone :slight_smile: it means a lot

Check this out: for helpful information.

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this is not right to change it in every week . you have to finalize it and fix. that’s all.