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No Orders :-( Need Help!

You have had orders and spamming the forums is never a good thing. :-?

Reply to @forcedlogic: I have no orders since two months :frowning:

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Reply to @samarkhalid: Few things to try:

  1. Max out your gigs. Your only using like 4.
  2. Tweak your copy - as in spell check…make it shorter…make it longer…easier to read.
  3. Reduce turn around time…any gigs over a day…reduce them to 24 hours…mention it in the ad…I do gigs in 4 hours etc.
  4. Add new pictures/headers…create new flashy headers to catch attention.
  5. Try different tags…sometimes people use tags that no one searches for.

    I am by no means an expert but these things should help.

I think there are times when you receive no order for a couple of days and there are times when you receive three to four queries a day.It just a matter of season and demand.No need to worry.


and use android app and keep it online all the time.I keep it online even when i am sleeping.Thankfully, i haven’t received any question or order while i was sleeping lol.


Reply to @kjblynx: Great points!

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I recently wrote a long post with 32 detailed tips to optimize gigs and increase sales. You can red it on the Fiverr forum here:

yes… great ideas…!

I would also like some orders.

I have not made a sale in like 4 months, :confused:

in past i got 2 or 3 order per day but now no order. :frowning:

Checkout my profile and contact for related work

Self promotion belongs in the forum titled My Fiverr Gigs.

Reply to @sahilpunni: Keep trying, don’t give up. Same with me, when i first started i didn’t have any orders. Yesterday I received about 5 gig orders which was pretty awesome!

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Hi samarkhalid.

share your gig in various social media sites like facebook, twiter, linkdin, redit etc

Post the link of your gig on gig related blogs.

Try to use important keyword in your title for easy search. :slight_smile:

Reply to @jamesbulls: You’re getting really spammy with your promo, err, I mean “tips”.

Reply to @itsyourthing: Call it what you like, I’m just trying to be helpful. My ultimate goal is TRS, and for that they do require participation in the forums. I think it’s easier to share a link than it is to copy and paste or find new ways of saying the same thing over and over.

Reply to @stewartps:

Ahan thats good :slight_smile:

Reply to @logo_desing:

Oppps dont feel sad :frowning:

Reply to @noor89:

okay sure

check my gig’s plz

Reply to @forcedlogic:

thanks a lot :slight_smile: