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No Orders, No knock

I don’t know what happened. First First I get Orders and working very well, BUT in few days I don’t get any orders or knock. Is this any problem with My Fiverr account or My gigs?

I don’t know what should I do Now. :pensive:

Please visit my profile:
And tell me what is the problem.

Thank you.


Send buyer request per day 10. & create gig image and description eye catchy.
Time spend on fiverr form.

Thank you


Thank you for your suggestions.

Create a new gig and start marketing properly. thanks

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I’m quite facing the same problem since lvl 1 on fiverr then my gig has 35 000 impressions and 1100 clicks :confused:

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it happens to me as well or pretty much every sellers. my tips maybe try to keep your gig looking fresh and updated, mine just like you:) be patient